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I fucking love lists.

August 7, 2008 ·

I’ll get things started by coining a new, lame term: blog entry of a list=listry. We’ll talk later, Urban Dictionary. I’ve got dibs on that.
Lists happen to be among my favorite things. I manage by life by lists (shopping, to do, 10 summer goals yet to achieve). I prioritize by lists (Netflix queue, online shopping carts, GoodReads books). I collect abhorrent lists of friends and contacts via social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn). Lists reflect my personal tastes (playlists, guest lists, top 10 lists)! But most of all, lists are concise and opinionated, so this should be fun.
My first list is simple.

|Please Don’t Check My Internet History, IT Guy|
[A list of web sites I visit...every day]

1. Dlisted: Michael K makes reading trashy celeb gossip (insert appropriate word here). Fun? Less Bad? HILARIOUS! His tone is smart, witty and unapologetic. Plus he has an opinion on everyone (and usually tragic nicknames). For example: Tommy Girl = crazy pants Tom Cruise; The Silver Fox = His Sexiness Anderson Cooper; Hohan = Lindsey Lohan; The Trollsens = MK and A Olsen. Another plus to Dlisted…Michael K updates ALL DAY LONG. That’s why DListed makes my #1 spot. Always reliable, fun and up-to-date. Just don’t click on the nekked links at work.

2. Foodgawker: Food porn. This blog is dedicated to yummy, sexy food. The layout is espeically pleasing, as the images are all cropped to 250×250px and lined up like Polaroids on a model casting shoot. Store your favorites in a list of your own. Avoid at lunch time if you brought a bagged lunch. You’ll hate your life.

3. AARP Games: Disclaimer—AARP is one of our clients. But, old people have time for games on the internet, and so do you! My recommendations are Spellbound (think Boggle), Decoder (a logic game with marbles) and the Crosswords. Even better…if you register with (for free!) it allows you to track your highest score, which makes for quite the office competition.

4. 2 Birds, 1 Blog: I love these girls. I want to be their friend.

5. Things I’ve Bought That I Love: This is Mindy Kaling’s (aka Kelly Kapur from The Office) blog. I like to imagine that she’s having a wonderful summer vacation with her man (she hasn’t posted since APRIL!), but fear not…the archives make great reads. I started reading back in October (entry: American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Boy Brief). Her description of her underwear fantasy sealed the deal for continued loyal reading: Sunday Morning Fantasy #27 looks like this: Park Slope, Brooklyn. I am reading the Times Book Review and eating granola and fruit in these underwear and a tank top at my kitchen table with Pharell, my boyfriend.
Plus, Mindy loves shoes, therefore she is a girl of my own heart. In “Shoes With Bows” she admires a “yeah the bottoms of my shoes are red, bitch” pair of Christian Louboutin’s for a WOPPING $925: And if you’re a decadent It Girl who has a New Years Eve date with Bruce Wayne (and you kinda maybe think he might be Batman already), it really behooves you to borrow a grand from your parents and buy these gems.

6. The Raleigh Connoisseur: Ashton made this a staple read in her daily e-mails. For Raleighites—I guess that’s the word—the blog’s an informative source about downtown development and living. Last week’s Picture of the Week shows off the view of Glenwood South from my office. Hollahollaholla. If you want to know what’s going on in town, but it’s too much trouble to g-chat Ashton, just check this site.

7. Veronica Blejman: These cartoons/line art drawings from an artist out of Buenos Aires/Barcelona entertain me to no end. Brush up on your Spanish (it’s OK to have a window open alongside) or just admire the amusing situations she depicts.

8. Mozilla Firefox 3 StumbleUpon: This ridiculous add-on in the new Firefox 3 made fucking around on the internet easier than taking a drunk girl home from the bar. It accounts for oh…90% of my internet history. After installing, customize your interests (art, cooking, current events, programming, sports, the great outdoors, travel, fashion, technology, health), and then do this: just hit the Stumble button. You’ll be like FergieFerg in a nanosecond—trippin and stumblin all over the internets. How do you think I came across this ish? [turn your sound on, though not safe for work]

9. Freenapster: If your internet connection is steady, this site will rock your world. Stream full-length songs and albums right into your pretty lil ears and whistle while you work! Want to be the 8 bazillionth person listening to “Viva La Vida”? Better yet, preview the album you’re thinking you want to purchase—you know, ABBA’s Gold!